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"I ordered my refurbished Dell laptop from Refurbees on a Thursday and it came on Tuesday which was faster than I expected. I was impressed by the quality of the laptop. I also needed to call their 800 number once and they were really helpful. I am very happy with my purchase."

- Mary Jessica


We have used Refurbees for a bunch of purchases of refurbished laptops over the last few years. We purchase them for our salespeople who are pretty hard on them sometimes. I really believe that some of these refurbished laptops are better built and more solid than the newer stuff that comes out. Why pay more for less?

- Sanford B.


"I purchased a refurbished laptop from them. There was a technical issue about 10 weeks into the 90 warranty. After a brief conversation with Alicia in customer service and a technician, they told me they would replace it. They sent me a label to return mine and I had the replacement faster than I expected. I applaud them for the outstanding customer service."

- Dave M.


"Customer service was amazing!"

- Janet S.


"I'm a computer and technology junkie and I’m always looking for sources of great computers and computer parts with low prices. As far as I’m concerned, that’s Refurbees. They are often cheaper than most other online prices that I find, and there is the added advantage of having the items that they list to really in stock. I had my share of other websites that list things that they don’t have. Refurbees is great and has never pulled that on me."

- Michael W.


"I recently purchased a HP Desktop at Refurbees. It works great and they have way better prices than some of their competitors, and you can upgrade practically anything. I checked out another huge computer website with lots of refurbished items and they had the exact same item listed ten times with eight different prices. Refurbees is very straightforward. It was a good experience and I would recommend buying from them."

- Suzauddaula B.


"I really like my computer from Refurbees. It functions really well and looks brand new. I would recommend using this company."

- Jovan R.



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