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Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Heather Lang on

Holiday Gift ideas from our office to yours...

Gifts for Home Office

1- Dell Latitude E7270 Ultrabook laptop. $649 on sale at
2- Handmade wooden desk caddy. Shop lessandmore
3- AirDoctor home air purifier. $329 on sale now at
4- Digital photo frame. Now on sale for $179.99 at
5- Home Office Boss mug. $11 on sale now at
6- Shiatsu massage cushion with heat. On sale for $99.99 at


And gifts for others!

Gifts to give
1- 2021 Year Planner. $23.70 on
2- Double Oak Bourbon Whiskey. $32.99 at
3- San Francisco Sourdough Starter. $14.99 from MothersMushrooms
4- Rechargeable heated gloves. Now on sale for $79.95 from
5- Amaryllis Trio. $71.88 on sale now from

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