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2021 — tpm 1.2

Windows 11 - Is The End Near?!

Posted by Heather Lang on

Windows 11 - Is The End Near?!

Microsoft unleashed quite the hysterical mob when they revealed their new Windows 11 OS recently. This caused a stir because they claimed new OS will not operate on older machines.  So they've backtracked and uncovered how to upgrade existing Windows 10 machines to Windows 11 without meeting the full minimum system requirements.  It is now clarified on their support page how to upgrade to Windows 11 without having TPM 2.0 support. You will still need support for TPM 1.2, but that covers far more chips, going back years.  To make sure you have TPM 1.2 turned on in your BIOS, simply hit Win+r and type tpm.msc to confirm turned on. Your version...

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